Why Should I Invest Using Spotalpha?

Spotalpha is a 100% automated market research platform that utilizes machine learning to make investing safer. With its AI capabilities, Spotalpha can provide unbiased guidance to self-directed investors, free from the influence of human emotions and biases.

Spotalpha has been live for more than 5 years, with no changes to it’s algorithms. Therefore, investors can easily perform their due diligence of Spotalpha to see how it performed in real-time. For example, here’s the performance of Spotalpha’s US Market Mid-Cap Alpha Portfolio.

The shaded region in the above chart shows how Spotalpha’s risk management logic switched equity allocation to cash just before the impact of Covid-19 wreaked the global equity markets in March of 2020. The risk management system re-allocated the portfolio to equity investments in May of 2020.

Investors are often influenced by hearsay, fear, greed/FOMO and biases caused by past experiences. By using Spotalpha, investors can rest assured that they are benefiting from rational investment analysis having a proven track record of success.

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