Is Spotalpha Useful for Intra-Day Trading?

Spotalpha is a suite of tools and research for active, medium to long term, investors and may not be suitable for intra-day trading.

However, please note that there are some tools that are part of Spotalpha’s Alpha Builder product, such as Trend, Market Breadth, Return Distribution and Volatility, which can assist an intra-day trader with their strategy.

In general, the markets trend over longer time frames and are more volatile, noisy or chaotic during shorter timeframes. This is one reason why intra-day trading requires a different set of tools and mindset when compared to investing.

Finally, as per brokerages (source), less than 1% active traders earn more money than a bank FD over a 3 year period. There are several reasons for this, such as:
(1) the cost per trade is greater as a percentage of the move that is captured
(2) slippage, which is the change in price between identifying the trade and order getting executed, per trade is significantly higher,
(3) excessive leverage, which most traders take in intra-day trading, amplifies risk,
(4) markets are more choppy intra-day as a significant percentage of news driven change in price is factored in by gap-up or gap-down at market open.

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