Is Portfolio Optimiser Result for Long-term or Short-term Holdings?

Portfolio optimization is generally used for mid-term and long-term investing, i.e. for holding positions for a few weeks. The ideal time to check for rebalancing a portfolio is every fortnightly, or earlier. This ensures that the portfolio is constantly able to identify and allocate to new trends in the market.

That being said, some investors may use portfolio optimization techniques for short-term swing or pair trading as well, particularly if they are looking to make quick profits in a volatile market. This can further be overplayed with trend signals for hedging strategies. However, it is important to note that short-term trading can be risky and requires a different approach than long-term investing.

Short-term investors will need to check their portfolio allocations daily or at least every 3-5 days by optimising using the Portfolio Optimiser. Whereas a mid-term or long-term investor may need to use the tool ideally every fortnight to check if their current holdings need to be rebalanced.

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