How Can I Import Existing Portfolio Into Portfolio Optimiser?

There are multiple ways an investor can import existing portfolio(s) into Portfolio Optimizer. As seen in the screenshot below, the ‘Import Portfolio’ option is the last item in the ‘Your Portfolios’ menu.

On clicking on that menu item, the ‘Import Portfolio’ popup shows up.

You can either drag and drop a portfolio holdings XLS/XLSX or CSV file or select it from your file location or manually enter the symbols and holding values in this dialog box. Once this is done, click on ‘Import’ button at the bottom of the page and your portfolio should load immediately into the Portfolio Optimiser.

Please review your portfolio on importing as formatting and typographic errors in inputs can cause trouble while importing.

The number of stocks in a portfolio can range from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 60. If there are more than 60 stocks, it is recommended to split the portfolio into multiple portfolios before importing them into the portfolio optimizer. However, please note that a maximum of 10 portfolios can be saved per account.

The following video shows you how to import your portfolio.

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