How Does Spotalpha Work?

Think of Spotalpha as an affordable BloombergTM terminal, but fully automated and without any human intervention or biases. Spotalpha employs artificial intelligence and quantitative finance algorithms to identify the most suitable investments in the market for investors, based on their individual requirements.

We understand that there are several different investment styles (such as Buy-and-Hold, Diversified Portfolio, Trend, Hedged), hence we provide a range of tools and research to support investors based on their preferred investment styles.

Getting started with using Spotalpha:

Follow these easy steps to navigate on Spotalpha home page to identify the correct product for your requirement:

1. Selection of the market, i.e. “US” or “India“.
a) Click on the orange buttons titled “US” or “India” on the top left.
Click on menu “MARKETS” –> then select the market, i.e. “US” or “India” and then click “US Home” or “INDIA Home“.

You can now learn more about or access one of our three research products or suite of 19 tools.

2. To know more about us (Spotalpha) or to contact us
a) Click “COMPANY” in the top menu.
b) Select one of the following options based on your interest “CONTACT US“, “TERMS OF SERVICE“, “PRICING POLICY“, “PRIVACY POLICY” and “REFUND POLICY“.

More power to your investments!

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