How Does Spotalpha Ensure Accuracy and Reliability and What Safeguards Are in Place to Prevent Potential Errors or Hacks?

Spotalpha ensures the accuracy and reliability by following a systematic and automated approach that minimizes human errors. Here’s how Spotalpha maintains the integrity of its products:

  1. Data: Spotalpha receives it’s data directly from the exchange and not from third party vendors. This ensure that data is accurate.
  2. Algorithms: Spotalpha has not change any products algorithm after it’s launch. This is because we carefully release the products only after thorough testing across several markets.
  3. Compute: All our servers are backed up periodically, have high redundancy and securely protected with multiple levels of safeguards to prevent hackers.

In summary, Spotalpha’s approach to maintaining accuracy and reliability minimizes errors and enables investors to make informed decisions.

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