Where Can I See the Best Performing Stocks in Mid-Cap and Small-Cap Segments?

To find the best performing stocks in Spotalpha within the mid-cap and small-cap segments, you have a few options.

First, try US Alpha Portfolios for mid-cap and small-cap segments. These portfolios are rule-based and dynamically rebalanced, aiming to outperform the S&P-500 index benchmark.

Mid-Cap Segment

Small-Cap Segment

Second, you can make use of the ‘Portfolio Heatmap’ tool provided by Alpha Builder. By selecting the ‘Market Cap’ filter across different time durations, you can identify the top-performing stocks in the small-cap and mid-cap segments.

Finally, the US Portfolio Optimizer has more than a hundred pre-built portfolios. The market-cap based portfolios can assist you in finding the best performing mid-cap and small-cap stocks. The Portfolio Optimizer helps construct efficient portfolios that offer higher returns for the level of risk you are comfortable with. It achieves this by checking all possible combinations of portfolios and selecting the one that enhances return for least amount of risk.

In summary, Alpha Portfolios, Alpha Builder-Heatmap and Portfolio Optimiser can be used to identify the best performing Mid-Cap and Small-Cap stocks.

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