What Types of Pricing Plans Does Spotalpha Offer?

The pricing structure for Spotalpha’s products is designed around two main categories: Research Products and Tools. Under the Research Products category, there are three distinct offerings: Alpha Portfolios, Alpha Ratings, and Alpha Trends. Each of these products is priced individually based on the specific requirements and features.

In addition to the Research Products, Spotalpha also offers a set of Tools. These Tools include the Alpha Builder and the Portfolio Optimizer. Each tool is priced separately, depending on the specific needs of the user.

However, if a customer wishes to access all the products offered by Spotalpha, there is an option to opt for the “All Equity” package. This package provides access to all the research products and tools at a consolidated and discounted price.

Overall, Spotalpha offers a flexible pricing structure that allows customers to choose the specific research products and tools they require, or opt for a comprehensive package to access the full suite of offerings.

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