Why Do I Need Alpha Ratings?

US Alpha Ratings benchmarks all listed instruments on a risk adjusted return basis. These ratings are update every month and are ideal for buy and hold investors.

  1. Monthly updates: US Alpha Ratings benchmarks stocks, providing monthly updates for buy and hold investors seeking exceptional performance.
  2. Unbiased automation: Free from human biases and emotions like fear and greed, our automated ratings rely on rational analysis, delivering reliable insights.
  3. Uncover consistent outperformers: By thoroughly screening the market every month, Alpha Ratings help investors identify investments with a track record of consistently outperforming the rest.
  4. Ideal for long-term strategies: Tailored for long-term investment approaches, our ratings enable investors to discover promising opportunities to grow their wealth steadily.
  5. Keep more of your profits: With a flat fee structure, investors can retain a larger portion of their hard-earned profits since fees are not tied to the amount of their investments.
  6. Unlock the potential of consistent returns: Alpha Ratings provides rankings and ratings for instruments based on their ability to generate dependable returns, making them perfect for long-term investing and wealth accumulation.
  7. Advanced algorithms for optimal returns: Our sophisticated algorithms consider both risk and returns across various timeframes.

By identifying stocks that are steadily outperforming the market on a monthly basis, we ensure that you can make better investment decisions.

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