What is Meant by Alpha Reports?

Alpha Reports are comprehensive analysis reports that offer detailed insights and information about each symbols listed on Spotalpha. The reports are updated on a daily basis for more than 5000 symbols. Alpha Reports is a part of the Alpha Builder subscription.

If a user is subscribed to the Alpha Builder, they can access the complete alpha report, which includes various operations on the chart (such as time frames, indicators, and more). Additionally, the report provides a thorough analysis of the selected symbol along with latest news related to it.

Alpha Report Snapshot:

For users who are not subscribed to the Alpha Builder, a basic version of the Alpha Report is available. It displays a graph of the symbol with all graph operations (as mentioned above) and a brief description of how that symbol is performing. To access the detailed analysis report and subscribe for alerts, users need to subscribe to Alpha Builder.

Basic Alpha Report:

By default, the Alpha Report in the Alpha Builder’s left-side menu is specifically available for SP-500 index. However, throughout the Spotalpha website, any symbol that has a dotted underline can be clicked to open up the alpha report for that particular symbol.

Video on Alpha Report:

The information provided in Alpha Report is based on algorithmic analysis, without any human intervention.

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