How Reliable Are Alpha Trends?

Let’s get this straight, markets are volatile and there are no guarantees of success. Having said that, it is possible to identify trends over longer durations using algorithms. There is nothing new about this and the fields of technical analysis and quantitative investing are several decades old. Spotalpha’s algorithms are based on the same concepts of identifying trend but use the power and scale of modern computing to be able to identify trend signals with a higher probability of success. Alpha Trends has up to 5 of the top bullish trending signals having high probability of profit in a pool of very liquid large-cap and mid-cap stocks.

The reliability of alpha trends stems from their design and testing across various markets and over several decades of market data.

Here is a screenshot of how Alpha Trends has performed between 1-Jan-2016 and 16-Jun-2023 (duration of 7 years and 5 months):

In summary, Alpha Trends has delivered approximately one time better return per unit of risk in comparison to the benchmark S&P-500.

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